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Blenders vs Juicers |

What’s the real difference between blenders and juicers? Helen and Emma get to the bottom of this common diet dilemma.

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Marc compares 3 juicers with the task of making fresh apple juice. Comparison with the Omega O2 Centrifuge Juicer, Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000 Upright Vertical Masticating Juicer and the Omega Nutrition Center J8006 Horizontal Masticating Juicer.


  1. FAST Chair Based Exercise Instructors

    I have both of those machines, I used my breville blend blend all the time, but since purchasing my Nutribullet Pro 900I have not used them.

  2. Search in ebay:ptnc 5200

  3. So which one of them is worth it?I'm tempted to buy a juicer bosch.I don't think a blender can make an apple,liquid,but a juicer can.

  4. blenders > juicers

  5. I wouldn't get that juicer anyway, fucking size of the thing.

  6. Ma face!!!!

  7. You Helped me So much. Thanks.

    Which fruits you not recommended for use in a juicer?

  8. I will make tea with the leftovers

  9. if you juice the pink lady apples ,it tastes so goood , have you ever tried it

  10. Juliana Giles Giles

    We have a Slow Juicer and we put the juice through a second time and find that suits us better.

  11. Chanticleer the Rooster

    just use a blender and cheeseclothe

  12. The kuvings vertical juicer must be a great upgrade to Omega's VRT 350. I purchased 2 omega VRTS (1 gift), and they were pieces of junk. They continually backed up, and produced way too much pulp. It was a headache trying to make them work. I finally gave up and put mine away over a year ago.

  13. Hi, It's great you did a video specifically on how juicers handle apples, and the big issue to me is really the backing up issue on the juicer that handles the tougher veggies better/processes them in a better way. The Omega 8000s back-up when many types of apple go through.
    The real question that wasn't answered in the video is:
    "Do the vertical masticating juicers back-up too when they're juicing apples, or are they the solution to processing apples well – can they handle the soft apples that the 8000s can't?"

  14. that looks so good

  15. Thanks for the comparison. I've had an 8004 for quite some time but eventually sold it because of the small chute and the backing up as you experienced. I've tried a few vertical auger style juicers with the semi small chute but I was never really satisfied, too much pulp and the chute isn't much bigger than the 8004. I'm now using a centrifugal style for over a year and the speed is convenient and zero pulp, but I'm missing the full juice taste that I once had with the other juicers. Finally I've been eyeing the whole slow juicer, I think it's time for change again. I'll probably picking one up soon. 

  16. Thais Nicole Silva

    Which you prefer juicer? 

  17. In your omega O2, I think, showed in the beginning you did not show where the pulp gets stored.

  18. In the same amount of time, you could have just eaten the apple and gotten 100% of the nutrients. 

  19. Hi. I know it sounds like a funny question but is it possible to make sausage with the C horizontal Omega machine? Thanks.

  20. Even with my upright masticating juicer, I still put the pulp thru again to yield more juice.  And depending upon the fruit/veggie I put in, I also eat the pulp as a snack.  Like, with apple pulp, cucumber pulp– it's actually really good; but, I wouldn't for instance eat pomegranate pulp or lemon/lime pulp.  I also don't mind having foam in my juice because it adds to the yield in my opinion.  Straining juice would take away so much of what could be kept in the cup.

  21. this videos wayyyy too long

  22. Thank you, interesting vid – I think I need a fusion juicer !

  23. I noticed that you overfed the horizontal juicer, you were feeding it just as fast as the centrifugal juicer when you should have been feeding it allot slower, personally that wasn't a very good review due to that fact.

  24. What I need from a juicer is:
    Takes whole fruit
    Easy to clean*
    Small Foot-print
    not too noisy

  25. Bugger cutting up fruit, whole fruit juicers for me!

  26. Hi. I just bought a Hurom juicer, have not used it, but I believe omega 800, or 900 are much better. U r really clear and I love that. I watched BUNCH of video clips, but yours are certainly the best.

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