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***REVIEW*** Organifi Green Juice Review

Yesterday I started a 3-day green juice fast. I decided to use the Organifi Green Juice in place of juicing an assortment of fruits and vegetables.

In the video above, I give an honest Organifi Green Juice Review. This juice is very tasty and mixes super easy in water. It has the flavor of an herbal tea and tastes like unsweentened tea.

Chlorella – a green algae that’s high in protein
Moringa – Contains essential amino acids
Spirulina – Plant that’s high in protein, iron, and calcium
Mint – Herb that aids in indigestion and other uses
Beets – Root vegetable that’s high in folate and manganese
Matcha Green Tea – High in the antioxidant EGCG
Wheatgrass – Contains high amounts of chlorophyll that cleanses the blood
Ashwagandha – Contains adaptogens which is a combo of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs that aid the body when stressed
Turmeric – Spice containing powerful anti-inflammatory agents & antioxidants
Lemon – High in vitamin C, helps detoxify the liver
Coconut water – High in potassium and helps cleanse the kidneys

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Video Rating: / 5

[OPEN ME FOR RECIPE & DETAILS] Here is a video showing you how I make my favorite green juice! I’ve been drinking green juices for the past 3-4 years and seen lots of benefits in terms of weight loss, better skin, & improved energy levels. Hope you guys try it out!

JUICER: Breville IKON Multi-Speed Juice Fountain

RECIPE: 3-4 sticks celery, 1 handful spinach, 1 handful parsley, 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 1/2 lemon, ginger

INSTAGRAM: @bell0216

오늘은 제가 즐겨 마시는 그린 쥬스 만드는 방법을 보여드릴게요!
저는 지난 3-4년동안 꾸준히 마셔봤는데요,
체중감량에 도움되고 피부 좋아지는 효과도 봤어요~
여러분도 새해를 맞이해서 그린쥬스 마시며 건강하게 다이어트 해보세요 🙂

사용하는 쥬서기: 브레빌 아이콘 멀티 스피드 쥬스 파운틴

재료: 셀러리 3-4대, 시금치 1단, 파슬리 1단, 오이 1개, 사과 1개, 레몬 반개, 생강 1조각

인스타그램: @bell0216


  1. Pleasant flavor? Mint favor? This stuff is disgusting and haven't felt any benefits so far. Don't waist your money on this snake oil.

  2. Russ Eastburn (ESP1000)

    When you think about it is the price justified for ingredients? Seriously I'm sure you can make it for much less. Drew has recommended that you drink juice within 15 minutes of making otherwise ingredients begin to break down into sugars? Or was he referring to when you make your own juice. Either way I would think since it mixes so well having a jug of ice water ready for mixing would be better than making a batch ahead of time and having it sit possibly beginning a reaction among the ingredients.I realize I just repeated myself but you get my point? Nice video by the way thanks for that :-)

  3. We add an avocado to our Organifi drinks, it "thickens" and we found we felt "full" between meals.

    btw, starting a detox, well GOOD FOR YOU DEAR! Stick with it..

  4. 2livelovelaughalot

    Hello dear. I was listening to some of the thinks you said about your experience with becoming very hungry all of a sudden. I was thinking that when you were out you may have passed a food location where food was being prepared. One thing I have learned from some other people who put up videos is that when you are smelling food your body naturally smells the food and prepares for receiving that food. So, to say, if a person smells steak, chicken, or burgers, then your stomach will send out the proper digestive enzymes to digest that food. Can you imagine? I was kind of stunned by that information I had stumbled on, and I wish at this moment I could tell you where that is, but I will have to research that again. But I keep it in mind. It makes sense doesn't it? So, be a bit mindful of that. Our bodies are actually intelligent beyond our minds. God bless you, and keep up the good work. You have a very pleasant way about you! :)

  5. It's normal to feel tired when your body is detoxing…don't give up! You can do it. You may have headaches as well.

  6. It's normal to feel tired when your body is detoxing…don't give up! You can do it. You may have headaches as well.

  7. Im very confused I just got my jar of green juice, how do I take it how often,  how many days do I eat anything else with it  or just drink the juice everyday

  8. how often do you drink it during the day, and now long do you just drink it on fasting

  9. Margaret Richardson

    I've been using Organifi now for over a month and I can assure everyone that it tastes very good (unlike other 'green' products). I use it in a smoothie every morning along with banana, rolled oats, cinnamon stick and yoghurt. I can recommend Organifi, exceptional on it's own mixed with water, but even better when incorporated into a smoothie.

  10. can you please unbox a brand new cannister, so I can see how much is filled before purchasing it. Please. Thank you. :)

  11. Organifi green juice

  12. Beware. I just read Amazon reviews – many people complained bottle was half full and poor customer service.

  13. How much did this product cost?

  14. your detoxing it takes time, and everyone is different.

  15. The hunger is all in your head….seriously.


  17. This video is very informative. Thank you, Mrs. Dixon.

  18. Fitness With Steph

    Thank you

  19. how much does this cost?

  20. Beauty by bell how old r u ? Just wondering if you just look young because of your diet or actually are young

  21. can it help scalp and hair growth

  22. 자취생이라 믹서기가 껍질과 분리되는게아닌데 그럴땐 어떻게 만들어야하나요?
    그냥 껍질과통으로갈아서 먹어두되나요?

  23. 도움되는말만해주시니까 너무 좋당~^^♡

  24. How many time we can drink this ? Once in a day or week ? Please reply :(


    Is it really taste good?

  26. I make something very similar to this I add spinach, lemon juice/skin, 2 Kiwis, Yogurt, Soymilk, and sometimes a bit of Kale and I make mine in a blender but I think I'm going to try this, it looks very good!! You look great here too and congratulations on the weight loss!!

  27. 이렇게 항상 건강하게 관리 하는 방법도 알려주시고!!! 진짜 좋은거 같아요ㅎㅎㅎ 저번에 언니가 다이어트에 대해 올리신 영상보고 말씀하신대로 건강하게 먹자 오랜기간 다이어트를 해보자하면서 긍정적이게 생각하고 조금 더 움직이고 했더니 2키로정도 빠졌어요!! 먹는걸 많이 줄이지도 않았는데 말이에요!!! 진짜 감사드려요ㅜㅜ^^

  28. LindsEntertainment TV

    What about carrot?

  29. Can I use banana instead of apple?

  30. How many days we use this juice ??? For skin only

  31. you don't add water?I have no juicer. I am doing it in mixer I need to add water for it or else it be a paste. any alternative?

  32. Unnie, you look like Ha Jiwon unnie especially when you smile.

  33. love it

  34. 언니덕분에 다이어트에 대한생각들이많이바뀐것같아요 전에는 무작정 살만빼려했엇는대 언니의 health 동영상을보면서 건강하게 살을빼야겠다는생각을했어요 15kg정도감량하셨다고하셨는데 구체적으로 어떻게다이어트하셨는지 영상만들어주실수있으신가요?

  35. btw can you make a video about motivaton you know for losing weight and stuffs like that hehe

  36. I love you so much omg youre too adorable im crying T_T

  37. Hi Bell! Why do you leave the lemon skin on? Will it make the juice bitter?

  38. mmmmmmm lol @ 3:31

  39. Congrats! You look amazing!

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