Friday , 17 January 2020
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The Anti-Cancer Green Juice

Prevention starts HERE. This green juice is the most alkalizing juice! It’s filled with minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and powerful proteins. One a day keeps the doctor away!

❤2-4 Large Cucumbers
❤Head of Spinach
❤Green Kale
❤Black Dinosaur Kale
❤5-6 Stalks Celery
❤Bunch of Romaine
❤FEW Dandelion Leaves (Note: if you do not want this to be bitter, leave out the dandelion leaves)
❤Juice of 5-8 Lemons
❤Optional: Thumb of Ginger

Use your favorite greens. Do not feel that you need to be exact with amounts on the greens. It’s the combination of them that matters. Run all ingredients through a juicer, strain, and savor! Happy, healthy, juicing!

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AMAZING HAIR done by the beautiful Katie Remis of

Filming & Editing by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and Matt Garza of
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  1. Matthijs van Emous

    since when melon is alkaline

  2. if you're new to juicing checkout my video on beginner tips! thanks everyone :)

  3. Did anyone else notice that she hated the taste? 2:10

  4. why strain? Why not just drink the juice with the pulp? Wouldn't that be even more beneficial to the body?

  5. Is she using the whole lemon?…….Does she peel it first?..

  6. its very difficult to find kale in indian local stores, what can be use as an alternate of kale?

  7. how old are you?

  8. como ago pico de gallo con mango

  9. You need some fresh jizz too

  10. +Marjie W.– I don't do those stores and don't know any locations of any thrift or antique stores…. I was asking FullyRawKristina…. If u don't know please with all due respect don't respond… I am not a try type of girl… Thanx

  11. I' m curious what you do with the pulp…?

  12. Thnx for top knowledge,,,fabulous

  13. It might be health, but I'll bet it is not that tasty, but still worth drinking.

  14. That's a lot of colour on your face and some of the lipstick must be going in with the juice, lol!

  15. kristina, you are unbelievably cute and your love for raw food makes me love it hehe xo much love from Egypt <3 11 years fully raw, girl you're a star! how did you do that 😀 you gotta take genus record!

  16. Amartya Bhattacharya

    and how does it tastes

  17. fgj

  18. Pastor Gertha Atis

    You can do the same with a Vitamix and a strainer with you dont have a juicer. With the vitamix, you will have less pulps to throw away. Drink up

  19. ceebu jen &fish/plantains

    we are moving into an era were meat will be a thing in the past, I'm excited for the America's to be a green state soon. !!!!

  20. The statement about disease not existing in alkaline states is quite false. While it is great that she is taking in raw and healthy juice for nutrition, and I'm sure it helps with prevention, there are plenty of parasites and diseases that exist in alkaline conditions, specially if it is too alkaline.

    I hope this position of hers has changed over the years, otherwise this is a blatant lie to anyone wishing to go vegan.

  21. I don't have a juicer yet. I currently put different greens and sea moss into a Vitamix. Is it ok to juice them in a Vitamix?

  22. Esperanza Fitzgerald

    How about a green juice to cure unnecessary egoism?

  23. Hey beautiful, i was wandering how your waterfilter is working and also wandered what water you drink (i am searching for table type) do you know the BERKEY filter? I hope you can give some advice because i dont have the luxery to test some different types.


  24. 1 bunch of Celery
    1/3 of a bunch of Cilantro
    2 pieces of turmeric
    1 Lemon
    1 cucumber
    And kale

  25. Thank you Dan. You're inspiring!

  26. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

    this is only the 2nd video of yours I have seen and you seem like a super awesome person. You just got another subscriber.

  27. whats the name of the shower filter that you mentioned? thanks

  28. Yankeerex The Bronx

    I'm on a all raw diet. Loss 30 lbs. in 2 months. If only people knew what the Food Industry and the Government are hiding from us. I'm glad i figured it out before it was too late. Great video

  29. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  30. Paul Allan……you are full of…..If you actually tried what you say you tried you would have at least seen some difference. You are probably on here as a paid writer for the food and drug industry, to discredit what natural foods can do for peoples health.

  31. THANK YOU ! Infinite Health my brother !

  32. what's your take on weed?

  33. The Josephs Daily.

    Can women heal a tubaligation? Tied or cut and burned?

  34. I don't know if it cure any disease, but I think is a great way to get healthy 🙂 #grwzhzq

  35. Dave Thundercloud

    Captain Dan
    i mixed a green drink last night
    man i feel good today as soon as I woke up this morning i had to sit on the toilet and doodoooed like crazy, but bro I feel great today .

  36. Great video, thanks sir

  37. I will watch this video over and over and share it with my household as we start adding more whole foods and removing the processed foods.
    Thank you so much for this.

  38. Maryland Williams

    Green juices, green smoothies, live food transfusions.

  39. whatg about dental Implants ?? can this caus problems??? My feet just stared to swell and are red I`m on BP meds due to high BP

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