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The Joy of Juicing – Full Movie

Juice for Health! Juice for Power! Juice to Stay Slim! Juice to Keep Young!

The film is about far more than juicing, it is about optimizing health and reversing and
preventing diseases. It features interviews with world renowned doctors:
Neal Barnard M.D., founder of Physicians for Responsible Medicine,
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.,
Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D.,
Dr. Gerard Bodeker, professor of Public Health Policy, Columbia University,
John A. McDougall,M.D., and T. Colin Cambell, PH.D.,
Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus.

Gary Null takes the viewer around New York City from uptown in Harlem to the downtown Union Square farmers market, talking to people he meets along the way, about their approaches to health. The American life style of eating over processed and denatured foods is examined, as Gary takes the viewer into natural food markets and explains the vital properties of fruits, nuts and vegetables, which have the healing properties to reverse disease. You’ll go with Gary to a juice store where he shows you what to juice, how to juice, to how to increase energy and enhance your immune system. In this personal guide to better health, more energy, a slimmer body, more youthful skin, you’ll learn the regenerative power of natural home juicing.

• Listen to those who have reversed their diet and diseases
• Learn how to shop for the healthiest healing foods
• Learn the foods that can reverse aging and reverse disease
• Advice on how to use fresh juice to cleanse and detoxify
• In-depth information on how the recipes that can effectively treat and often reverse
conditions, like arthritis, diabetes, allergies
• Practical guidance on juicing, how to start, how often to drink, and when to drink
• Ideas on how to prepare delicious fresh juices, that will give you energy and keep you
healthy, as you rebuild you vital self
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  1. Mette Ørnstrup Kristensen

    … so, so, SO GRAND!!! THANK you for just appearing into my life, just after I bought this wonderful "juicing-machinery". Wonderful to get some really good guidelines. Lovely!

  2. If we don't eat what we're designed to there will be consequences, simple as that.

  3. that interviewer kind of makes it akward lol.

  4. Christina Newhart

    love this video would love to see more like it so encouraging God Bless

  5. RM Fine Fragrances

    Juicing it really works…but remember we are what we eat…moderation,moderation…and be passionate about yourself!!!

  6. dude all of your videos are trash

  7. Great movie and very important message – Thank you !

  8. is the audio totally messed up?

  9. Great movie!

  10. Thank you for this video.

  11. @ 0:25 Junior Soprano….."SISTER'S CUNT!!!"

  12. oh my god this is an awesome documentary. love that it's in new york hahahaa

  13. Candledecorations

    Thank you Gary null for this video. I juice everyday, too and what to sai is all true.

  14. It's unfortunate that most of the problems associated with foods like wheat, meat and dairy are because of what man has done to it, in it's original form it was far healthier. Antibiotics, growth hormones are clearly causing issues when consumed. Genetically modifying the grain, has made us intolerant. Pasteurization destroying the goodness of milk.

  15. Annamaria Dienes

    Dear Gary Null! Thank you so much for this very useful video film! Greetings from Ireland,your books is on my need to get list in first line! :)

  16. the audio on this movie is shocking swapping from left to right …. !!!

  17. dude's a fanatic; this shit's expensive. I wonder if he got mugged in Harlem? "Autoxemia" spelled wrong at 39:03.

  18. the left audio keeps cutting out for different parts of the video. this is almost impossible to watch with headphones.

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